Artificial Intelligence is almost used in every facet of the car-manufacturing process, from Industrial Robots manufacturing a vehicle to the car navigating traffic.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially by a computer system. Machine learning is one of the main branches of AI, which is defined as the study of algorithms or a huge volume of historical data to be inserted in a machinery to perform specific tasks. Companies like Tesla, Google, and Bosch have all incorporated AI into their self-driving car research and leading the Automobile industry. The future is electric and it cannot exist without AI. Artificial Intelligence is important to evolution.

Artificial Intelligence in the Electric Vehicle Industry

Vehicle Electrification is the mightiest driving factor in the automotive industry. The Engineers want vehicles that are fast at the same time eco-friendly and desirable to their users, this is a very daunting challenge. AI plays a significant role in the development of intelligent machinery, it provides a cost-effective and modular solution to complex problems in the automotive industry. AI is the one-stop answer to emerging problems like;

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