After having a blast launch of three new electric vehicles, Beyond Your Dreams (BYD) didn’t stop there, they went on to venture ahead to capture the European market by launching three new electric vehicles namely the BYD TANG, a 7-seater with variable all-wheel drive, the elegant and sporty BYD HAN sedan, and the C-segment SUV BYD ATTO 3 were all created with the European consumer in mind.

As a leader in battery technology, BYD was established in China in 1995. The company’s aim is to impact change via sustainable innovation by building a comprehensive clean-energy ecosystem that lessens the dependency on fossil fuels worldwide. BYD is committed to developing emission-free mobility solutions in Europe. BYD has concentrated on perfecting cutting-edge technologies over the past 27 years, including batteries, electric motors, electronic control systems, and semiconductor chips.

For BYD, the European market is not quite new. BYD’s European headquarters are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; they have had offices there since 1998. They also have high-tech production facilities in Hungary and the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden for their growing eBus businesses. Since then, BYD has been established.

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