There is a lot of buzz around EV vehicles in India, today. From your social media feeds, to news articles to daily conversations amongst friends, electric vehicles have become a hot topic for discussion nowadays. There is a good reason behind this rising popularity and increased traction for Electric Vehicles. Increasing global temperatures, rising fuel costs, and depreciating air quality in major cities across India have driven consumers to seek and adopt environmentally friendly alternatives.

In this article, we discuss how an increase in sales of electric vehicles, assisted by a proactive interest from the Government of India, is creating a surge in EV production. It also delves into how the nation’s engineering students and professionals can prepare for one crore EV jobs by 2030 through upskilling.

Reducing the cost of electric vehicles and decreasing the tax on Lithium-ion battery imports can significantly boost the sale of electric vehicles in India. This increase in sales will require engineers with industry expertise to design and build electric vehicles that will power the nation’s future.

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