Geospatial Insight, the UK’s leading provider of clean energy geospatial solutions, has launched LOCATE EV, a ground-breaking Electric Vehicle (EV) network planning platform, bringing together critical datasets and intuitive functionality to facilitate EV charge point network planning across the UK, for both public and private sector clients.

In the UK, less than 1 in 5 Local Authorities have a dedicated resource focused on developing and implementing an EV charging infrastructure plan, and over 50% of Councils do not have a finalised and published EV charging rollout strategy. With the Government’s ambitious target of having 4,000,000 installed charge points in place by 2030, the current rollout level stands at around 180,000, and the ongoing development of these strategies needs to be supported and accelerated.

“The complex UK landscape and lack of dedicated resources have been a critical limiting factor in the speed of charging infrastructure rollout. With the launch of LOCATE EV, this is rapidly changing with 4.6 million people already benefitting from its deployment.” Dave Fox, CEO, of Geospatial Insight

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