On January 17, 2023, Gogoro Industries announced a 50-50 partnership with Belrise Industries to make a $2.5 Billion Smart Infrastructure Investment over 8 years in the state of Maharashtra. This investment is done to establish an unprecedented battery-swapping infrastructure. Both parties signed a non-binding MOU agreement at the Maharashtra pavilion, World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Aim and Onset

The companies aim to build a smart energy infrastructure in Maharashtra that’s open and accessible and establishes battery switching and smart battery stations as a leading source for mobility and energy storehouse. This partnership will give a boost to the manufacturing and assembly of smart electric vehicles in the state which will further induce a rise in jobs throughout the smart energy, electric vehicle, and sustainable value chain. This partnership expects to start deploying the battery-swapping infrastructure in 2023. The battery swapping infrastructure is a complex one and requires multiple smart battery stations so in order to develop it fully Gogoro and Belrise Industries have set a plan for 8 years.

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