is actively looking at introducing four wheel drive technology in electric versions of its sports utility vehicles going ahead, according to company’s passenger vehicle business head Shailesh Chandra. The company aims to have a portfolio of ten electric products, a mix of existing nameplates and all new models, by 2025.  is looking at models above the Nexon range as possible candidates for the four by four (4X4) upgrade.

“Our focus will be to try and do that in the electric vehicles. We are going to work on this in the electric version of our future SUVs,”  Managing Director – Passenger Vehicle and Electric Vehicles – Shailesh Chandra told PTI when asked if the company is also considering four wheel drive trims in its SUV range. “This is where the play of diesel would be prominent. Beyond a certain emission norm it would be difficult for diesel to really be seen as viable. So in the next ten years it is expected to come to a very low level,” Chandra said.

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