The first hydrogen-powered train in the world with its own independent intellectual property rights, created in collaboration with the Chengdu Railway Group and CRRC Changchun, rolled off the assembly line in China on December 28th, 2022.


With four trains and a top speed of 160 km per hour, the hydrogen-powered train uses the key core technology from the “Fuxing” high-speed train. It also has a built-in “hydrogen-power” system that gives the vehicle’s battery life a powerful and long-lasting power source, enabling it to go 600 kilometres on a single charge.

The original catenary power supply system was replaced by a hydrogen fuel cell and supercapacitor energy supply mode for the hydrogen-powered city train. In a hydrogen fuel cell, the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen produces energy and the reaction’s byproduct is simply water, with no emissions of nitrogen or sulphur. With the reaction mechanism remaining stable, and the noise level also being minimal.


The hydrogen train has the capacity to carry up to 1,502 passengers at a time and has intelligent driving capabilities including autonomous wake-up, start and stop, and return to the depot. In addition, it features a range of sophisticated sensors and monitoring systems, 5G large capacity train-to-ground communication for multi-network integration, and big data analysis to assess the status of the trains’ operations for increased safety.

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