Design Consultancy Services

Get your Concepts to Market Faster with Us

Do you have an idea in mind and looking for trust worthy engineers to take it from concept to completion stage? If yes then Intellicon is the right place for you. We offer Design Consultancy Services where we will put in our genius minds in transforming your idea from paper to product. Consider us as your technology partner in bringing life to your ideas. Be it a complete product generation from scratch or be it an electronic design stage, we are here for you !

Electronic Product Design (Turnkey Projects)

This includes development of a full fledged, complete “ready to market” product and consists of enclosure design, hardware design (schematic & PCB design), user interface design (front panel/control panels), firmware/software design, product approvals etc. We are capable of converting your ideas into complete products after understanding what you have in mind.

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Controller Boards

DSP and Microcontroller-based Control Cards as well as Application-specific board development require a deep understanding of circuits, schematics, and PCB engineering. We at IntelliCon have a lot of ready-to-use control cards based on popular chips from TI and Microchip. We can also build custom control cards and boards for your needs.

We have 3.3kW Type 2 and 7.4kW Type 2 EV AC controller cards ready to use. They are customizable based on customer requirement and feedback.

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Embedded IoT

Embedded Solutions are key to making our lives convenient and connected. At IntelliCon, we have in-house capabilities to work on connected technologies to enable IoT through BT, WiFi, Ethernet, GSM, MODBUS communications. We work on a wide range of platforms like ESP32, RPi, STM, Microchip, etc. We can also develop software dashboards for easy visualization of data.

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We love Engineering, Collaborating, and Brainstorming.

We are constantly looking to:

  • Connect with engineering enthusiasts across the country and the world.
  • Brainstorm and find synergies towards common goals.
  • Identify gaps and inefficiencies which can be serviced through Technology.
  • Leveraging cross-disciplinary competencies to solve real-world problems effectively and affordably.
  • Deliver exceptional value to our Esteemed Customers who trust us with their Hard Earned money.
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Start a Conversation, Today!

No matter what you are looking to engineer, no matter what is the current status of the project, we would love to talk. Real breakthroughs happen through engaging conversations followed by well thought out actionables.

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We understand that your needs can be just as unique as you are. Our team of experts is happy to discuss and assist you in finalizing the right solution to suit your individual needs. Customer delight is our number #1 priority.

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