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At IntelliCon, we love Engineering Products and Solutions. We wake up every day excited to create value. We also understand that effective product development requires deep knowledge, skills, and experience. The core team is comprised of technocrats. We love challenging problems that make us stretch our imagination and learn every day.

We are constantly looking to collaborate with more like-minded individuals and organizations to accelerate Indigenous Product Development. So, if you are an engineering enthusiast, just like us, looking to bring useful products and solutions to the market. We can definitely figure out synergies by leveraging complementary skills. Do get in touch with us, we cannot wait to hear from you.

PCB Engineering

Almost any electronic hardware project or product requires the design and development of professionally built PCBs. A well-designed PCB can not only reduce the cost of the project but it’ll also reduce the risk of spurious bugs during the development process. Small mistakes in PCB design can cause costly delays. We provide professional PCB Engineering services to aid & accelerate the go-to-market efforts of your in-house engineering teams.

  • KiCad 6+
  • Up to 6 layer boards
  • Schematics Designing
  • PCB Development
  • 3d Board Development
  • B.O.M generation

Firmware Development

Everything from our microwaves to our cars is controlled by tiny computers working day and night. However, writing efficient code for micro-controllers can be challenging. Our team can complement your in-house development efforts and deliver professionally written firmware for micro-controllers. We can also provide consultancy services for the selection of micro-controllers and board bring-up. All popular micro-controllers can be handled:

  • Texas Instruments
  • Microchip
  • Renesas
  • STM32
  • ESP32

Power Electronics

The world is increasingly shifting toward intelligent power electronics applications like EV chargers, Static Compensators, Voltage Regulators, Motor Drive Controllers, Battery Energy Storage Solutions, Renewable Solutions, etc. Almost all applications require AC-DC and DC-DC conversion. Intellicon can be your trusted technology partner by providing end-to-end design & consultancy services for your Power Electronics projects.

  • Gate Driver development
  • Power stack development
  • Control board development
  • Firmware development
  • Magnetics (transformer/inductor) design


Embedded Solutions are key to making our lives convenient and connected. Without even realizing it, we are surrounded by hundreds of embedded products all the time. Intellicon can be your trusted technology partner by providing end-to-end design & consultancy services for your Embedded Projects.

  • ESP32, RPi, STM, Microchip
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, MODBUS
  • Control board development
  • Firmware development
  • Algorithm development
  • Desktop dashboard
  • Mobile app/dashboard
  • EV chargers, IoT, etc

We are constantly looking to:

  • Connect with engineering enthusiasts across the country and the world.
  • Brainstorm and find synergies towards common goals.
  • Identify gaps and inefficiencies which can be serviced through Technology.
  • Leveraging cross-disciplinary competencies to solve real-world problems effectively and affordably.
  • Deliver exceptional value to our Esteemed Customers who trust us with their Hard Earned money.
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