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Electronics is the power house of any product. Intellicon offers taking over of your technological needs by providing services like Schematic Designing, PCB Development and Firmware Development. Our engineers are expert in providing the best assistance in aiding indigenous development of your product. Idea is yours, design is yours, technology is yours, you just need us to bring it to life.

Schematics Designing

Design your ideas in Schematics on Kicad 6.0

We develop schematics on Kicad 6.0 (latest version) based on your design in a customized and highly precise manner. We are capable of transforming your ideas into simplified and easily readable electronic circuit diagram. With a team of proficient engineers, we build remarkable electronic designs.

  • Share your idea and design with us
  • We will build schematic design using high-end designing features on Kicad 6.0 (latest version)
  • Finally, error check to make sure that the electronic connections are fault free
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PCB Development

With error free schematics in hand, the next step is layout. Intellicon’s PCB design engineers leverage extensive expertise along with professional design and verification tools to provide custom PCB layout services, speeding up the development cycle. Beyond custom PCB design services, we offer technology consultancy to help you go through a complex business change.

  • PCB development done on design tool Kicad 6.0 (latest version)
  • Highly Complex & Dense PCB layout designs done with speed & accuracy
  • 3D model of developed PCB so as to give an exact idea about how it will look like
  • Error check to make sure that the PCB is fault free
  • PCB reverse engineering service
  • Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing PCB designs for lowering costs
  • Upgrade old PCBs with outdated & obsolete components to the latest technology with widely available SMT components
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Firmware Development

Intellicon’s engineers are expert in developing “mind” of an embedded system, known as “Firmware”. Our team is capable of developing even the most complex of the firmware consisting of accurate and compact code.

  • Understanding the customer requirements and establishing a clear system specification
  • Development of code from scratch
  • Redesign and debugging projects where you need to optimize the performance of your existing firmware
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We love Engineering, Collaborating, and Brainstorming.

We are constantly looking to:

  • Connect with engineering enthusiasts across the country and the world.
  • Brainstorm and find synergies towards common goals.
  • Identify gaps and inefficiencies which can be serviced through Technology.
  • Leveraging cross-disciplinary competencies to solve real-world problems effectively and affordably.
  • Deliver exceptional value to our Esteemed Customers who trust us with their Hard Earned money.
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No matter what you are looking to engineer, no matter what is the current status of the project, we would love to talk. Real breakthroughs happen through engaging conversations followed by well thought out actionables.

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We understand that your needs can be just as unique as you are. Our team of experts is happy to discuss and assist you in finalizing the right solution to suit your individual needs. Customer delight is our number #1 priority.

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